Peppersauce Motorsports & Rentals

Enjoy off-roading adventure like never before . . .

UTV Rentals & Guided Tours
NE of Tucson
In San Manuel, Arizona

Peppersauce Motorsports & Rentals is your headquarters for UTV rentals & guided tours with an apparel & gear store and a full service repair shop. We provide top world-class machines so that your off-road adventure is exciting and memorable. It’s a fun getaway for family, friends or a group outing. Our team brings you a wide range of sand and rock trails for you to explore. Located just northeast of Tucson, Arizona.

Find Your Adventure Ride

Adventure trail information can be provided by us so that you can ride out of our parking lot on a 2, 4 or 6 seat UTV with a predetermined route. The area has various types of trails & washes with lots of scenery. We have ridden through many sand and climbing geography trails and will help you chose one that you want to explore.

Full Service Repair Shop

Before gearing up for an adventure ride, it is necessary to ensure that the suspensions, air pressure, and engine are working well. We have all the tools required to provide repair services for any of your UTV, ATV or motocross cycles. Tire sales, service and balancing too. Our shop stocks many replacement parts to ensure that your adventure ride does not get delayed due to repairs.

We’re about 50 minutes NE of Tucson & approximately an hour-and-a-half SE of the Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler & Mesa metro area. Exit Hwy 77 between Oracle & Mammoth.